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Orbiter 1, 2 provides high quality, creative and tailored Sound Design and Audio Mixes.

With options to attend sessions remotely or relay notes after reviewing works in progress, you can follow and collaborate in the process.

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Precision craft...


Sound Design & Mix

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Short-Form Audio Edit and Mix

* £60/$75/€75 per hour*

(Expect 1-2 hours for a 30"-90" Spot depending on Sound Design requirements)

Once you have your VO recorded, have it cleaned up and broadcast ready. Pops and clicks eliminated and processed to sound the best it can.

Then have it mixed with your Music and additional SFX according to your creative brief, and mastered ready for your finished video to be streamed, shared or broadcast on your platform of choice.

Audio Drama/Podcast Production

* £60/$75/€75 per hour*

(For Sound Design heavy pieces, budget for up to 1 hours work per 1 minute of finished audio)

Have your recorded dialogue placed in an immersive world, complete with aural atmospheres, textures and SFX to help tell your story.

Receive a fully Sound Designed, Mixed and Mastered stereo peice that will transport your listeners.

Film and Episodical Audio Edit and Mix

*Independent Productions: £175/$225/€205 per 1/2 Day*

*Please contact me for studio/commercial production budget dependent rates*

(Expect 1 day per 5 finished minutes)

A full Sound Design and Audio Mix for your film. This could be a drama or factual piece using video or animation.


Have your Offline edit's audio, any additionally recorded dialogue or VO, your selected music and additional Sound Design as required, tailored and mixed to your creative brief. Delivered as a mastered stereo mix and stems to your final broadcast/platform specification.

You can check in live on a remote connection and receive works in progress for reviews and notes.



to say hello and have a chat about your project...

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