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Whether you are a Voice Producer looking to record remotely, a Voice Talent with a home studio that wants a second set of eyes and ears or a facility that wants to free up studio space, we provide friendly, knowledgable advice and complete remote voice recording services.

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Bringing your talent's voice to you...


Remote Recording


Remote VO Setup, Recording and Editing Consultation


* £60/$75/€75 per session * (up to 1 hour)

For VO Artists with home studio setups, connect on a Zoom call and get an expert opinion on your recording setup, technique tips for editing and recording and advice on equipment and software. Feel free to be guided through the session or take the opportunity to get the answers you need to your specific issues.

I have worked with scores of Voice Actors at all levels of experience and got them setup and recording for AAA Video Games and top clients.

I pride myself on keeping things light while making sure we get all the tech ironed out.

Remote VO and Dialogue Recording


* £60/$75/€75 per hour*

Whether you are a Production Company, Agency or Video Game Developer who wants to work with a remote VO Talent or a VO Artist yourself, who wants leave the tech to someone else and concentrate on what you do best, you can have an Audio Engineer on hand to run your session just like you would if you were on site together.


Selects pulled and labelled, takes edited and comped on the fly for playback and a professional set of ears making sure everything is sounding the best it can. Files exported in a structured way and sent back to you right after the session.

Broadcast quality audio will be recorded from the Talent's booth, live down the line into a Pro Tools session and streamed back over Zoom for your real time review and performance notes.

Where required, this can all be done to picture with minimum lag.

Remote ADR/Lip Sync to Picture

* £80/$100/€95 per hour*

If you need to remotely record lip synced dialogue to picture, whether replacing on set recordings for technical reasons or localising a title where you need to match lip flaps, we can work to picture and ensure frame accurate sync.

You and the talent can watch and work to picture in real time while giving performance notes and calling selects.

Afterwards you'll receive a Pro Tools session or AAF with your audio in place, ready to complete your Dialogue Edit and go to Mix.


to say hello and have a chat about your project...

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