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James Battley Lead Audio Engineer

Founder and Lead Audio Engineer

Hello! I'm James Battley and I run the remote Audio Post Production studio, Orbiter 1, 2. My career in Post Production Audio spans over 15 years. I started editing and mixing Factual programs at the BBC, moving on to Post houses in London's Soho and before going Freelance, was Lead Engineer at a leading AAA Game Dialogue Recording studio in Los Angeles.


In LA, during the pandemic, I oversaw the implementation of remote recording with actors across the globe that were unable to get to a traditional bricks and mortar studio due to Covid restrictions. Quickly pivoting and combining solutions, we were able to continue producing professional quality recordings and kept clients’ projects on track and released with success.

Since returning to London in 2021, I provide freelance Sound Design & Audio Mix, ADR Mixer/Recording, Dialogue Editing and VO Directing in house services for Post Production facilities and Game Developers in the UK and continue to connect remotely and work with clients around the world via Orbiter 1,2.

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